"You can't manage what you can't control, and you can't control what you don't measure." - Tom DeMarco

"When you're out of quality, you're out of business." - Unknown

Quality Mission

A controlled development and maintenance program is essential for bringing down the cost associated with the software development life cycle. Data collection and analysis should be part of the control mechanism.

MeasureIT offers you independent and objective advice, training and support for measuring your Java and C code, analyzing your data and reducing your overall development risks.

Whether you want to deliver faster, cheaper, better or more predictably, MeasureIT will partner your supply team to improve your development processes, to raise the quality of your code and to lower your maintenance cost.

MeasureIT helps you to

  • determine the quality of your software,

  • estimate cost and effort devoted to your project,

  • predict the maintainability cost of your software,

  • validate the best practices of your development.


Is testing over budget?

Are you aware of the quality attributes of your product?

In which functions or classes are errors most likely to occur?

How much effort is needed to implement changes?

Is your code robust enough?

Are there unused parts in the code?

What data items you are worth to collect and how you are reporting it?

How to measure tasks?

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